iLabPOS - Frequently Asked Questions

I have a small to medium sized business in Malta (or in the EU), will iLabPOS be the right retail software solution for my needs?

Probably yes. iLabPOS is already widely used in Malta and in some EU countries. To date it is being used by Clothes shops, Stationeries, Book shops, Importers, Souvenir shops, Jewelleries, Music shops, Bars, Fishing tackle, Bridalwear, Textiles, Outdoor and Gardening & Hair salons. iLabPOS has been built and customised for all these different kinds of businesses, and the product is continuosly evolving.

I need a system for my small clothes shop that will issue fiscal receipts. Can iLabPOS do this for me?

Yes, iLabPOS has been already exempted by the Maltese VAT department for several retail outlets. Once you inform the VAT Department that you will be switching to a computerised Point of Sale System and you obtain an EXO number, you can use the software to issue fiscal receipts.

In order for the software to issue fiscal receipts, the VAT Department requires an exemption certificate from the software supplier. Would your company provide that?

Yes of course. When purchasing iLabPOS, we will give you a VAT Compliance Cerificate. With this certificate your accountant will be able to obtain an exemption number for you. In iLabPOS, you will then need to setup the exemption number on the registration details screen. This is usually typed in next to the VAT Number so it will appear on all your fiscal receipts and reports.

Are there any businesses in Malta who use iLabPOS and have been reviewed by the VAT department?

Yes, to date there are over 500 businesses who obtained exemption on using iLabPOS as their fiscal system. Having the software already reviewed by the VAT department, and being known to them facilitates the process of having everything in order. iLabPOS has been developed according to VAT laws and regulations.

Do I need to pay a yearly fee for using iLabPOS?

No. Once you purchase iLabPOS, you can use it for as long as you like. You can pay a yearly support agreement which will tie us to support you within 24 hours of placing a call or email. If you decide not to pay the yearly support agreement, we will still support you, however not necessarily within 24 hours. Phone and email support is only available for support agreement holders.

What will iLabPOS cost me?

Refer to the pricing page for detailed information.

What after sales support will I get?

If you decide to pay the yearly support fee, we will give you support within 24 hours of logging your call (Malta Only). We offer onsite support, support via phone and also via email.

If you do not pay the yearly emergency support fee, we will still give you support, at a higher rate, and not necessarily within 24 hours.

Refer to the pricing page for detailed information.

I have all the components - Touch Screen, Barcode Scanner, Cash Drawer, Thermal printer & LCD Pole Display. Is iLabPOS compatible with all my hardware?

Yes. iLabPOS works well with all standard POS hardware on the market. You might need a technician to setup it all up. If your business is in Malta, we can provide you a trained technician to assist you in setting up the whole system.

We are interested in iLabPOS, however we need to migrate our customers and stock from our old program to your product. Can it be done?

Yes. iLabPOS has intelligent import features that help you migrate Stock Data, Quantities and Client Data. We can provide you with import templates in Excel Format where you can arrange all your data. Then with a few clicks on our wizard you will import all your data. We always offer free assistance and advice to your programmers on how to perform such a task. We can also do the migration for you ourselves if it is logistically possible.

Does the software issue receipts with a Customer VAT No. on it?


Yes. Does iLabPOS support deposit payments and Hire Purchase?

Yes. With iLabPOS you can easily manage Hire Purchase Sales and deposit payments. You can also print which clients have not payed an installement in the last 30 days, 60 days etc....

Can I print barcode labels with iLabPOS?

Yes, now you can. You can print barcodes directly from the article screen in EAN13 format , Code 39 and also Code 128 format.

Can I have different VAT rates for my products?

Yes, you can create various VAT departments for your items with different rates. You can easily change the VAT rate when you please. Should the Government decide to reduce or increase the VAT rate, you will be able to change the rates yourself, applying changes automatically to all your selling prices.

Can iLabPOS be installed on a server and used on multiple PCs?

Yes. You can copy the complete iLabPOS directory on a server and access POS.EXE from any PC on the network. For optimal performance, you can place the DATA directory on the server and have the client files setup on each individual PC.

I keep getting Error 1958: Error loading printer driver

Make sure you have configured the correct printer in the Hardware Setup Screen. If you have just installed a new printer, make sure you have selected the right one from the drop down list. If you are printing on a network printer, make sure that you are properly connected to the network. As a last resort, try deleting Foxuser.dbf and Foxuser.fpt from your iLabPOS Directory. If the error persists, contact [email protected] .