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Cash Drawer Lockable Insert for PBL001

These are Lockable Inserts which can be used with the PBL001 Cash Drawer

Fits in Cash Drawer with Removable Lockable Insert 410x410x110

€49.00 incl VAT

Cash Drawer with Removable Lockable Insert 410x410x110

POSBank Metal Cash Drawer with Heavy Duty Rollers

410mm Width x 410mm Depth x 110mm Height

This cash drawer has a lockable insert which can be removed with the cash and replaced with another insert.

Ideal for shift changes. You can purchase additional inserts.

€74.00 incl VAT


2x20 VFD customer pole display, USB, stand-alone, black

Download Specifications Sheet

€115.00 incl VAT

TYSSO Customer Pole Display VFD-660-K RS232

The VFD-660 customer display is a Vacuum Fluorescent Display that can display 20 columns and two lines.

The display is suitable for all EPOS applications where the driving of a customer display over RS232 (serial com port) is required.

The design offers a slim display in black with a luminary aluminium pole and a small footprint base to save on counter space.

€125.50 incl VAT