iLabStorage - Vendor Management Inventory Software

The traditional method of supplying a customer is, of course, to wait for an order or request. The customer places a purchase order for the goods or products they need, and the supplier responds. It’s their job to process the purchase order, take payment, and prepare it for delivery. While there are no major flaws in this system, there are times when it could be carried out much faster. This is what iLabStorage vendor managed inventory software (VMI) is designed to achieve.

It caters, specifically, for long-term commercial relationships. So, for example, if you own a paper printing factory, it makes more sense for you and your clients to print a large batch of paper bags. However, many of your customers (perhaps all of them) would not have enough storage space for such a big amount of paper bags. They are likely to need recurrent deliveries of paper bags, rather than a one-time order.

So with a vendor managed inventory system, the suppliers and client agree on the amount to be printed, the client pays for the order and the vendor in turn holds the stock for the client. Ongoing deliveries are then scheduled between the vendor and the client.

iLabstorage allows you to create articles, clients and suppliers. You can then assign stock on your client according to the orders placed by the clients and issue delivery notes for the stock to be delivered. The reporting module allows you to have an accurate stock valuation for global stock held and for each client.