Tysso is a leading Point of Sale (POS) manufacturer. Products include Point of Sale Systems, Barcode Scanners, and many other POS devices.

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Rental (per day) BCP 8000 Data Collector

The BCP8000 Data Collector can scan most popular 1D barcode formats, and can also capture further information after scanning, such as Price or Qty. The most common uses for the data collector are Stock Takes, Price Checking and Replenishment. Data collected can be extracted to a CSV for further processing. For those who need the data collector for a short period of time, we offer rentals at a fixed price per day.

Email or call us to book your rental.
€10.00 incl VAT


€39.99 incl VAT

TYSSO PCD-428 POS Cash Drawer Black 410W X 420D X 100H

POS Cash Drawer f/Tysso/Epson/Star RJ11 24V Black
€61.50 incl VAT

TYSSO GS6500 USB Laser Barcode Scanner

The GS 6500 model is a durable 1D laser barcode scanner which includes a high-sensitivity laser scan engine using 32-bit decoding technology.

Very good value for money, and one of our best selling barcode scanners in Malta.

The scan speed of 100 scan/sec with depth of Field of 3-50 cm provides a very efficient data input device at the point of service.

(Stand is optional)

Download Specifications PDF
€65.00 incl VAT

TYSSO Customer Pole Display VFD-200-UC USB

Compact Vacuum Fluorescent Customer Display


Download Specifications PDF
€88.50 incl VAT

TYSSO Customer Pole Display VFD-660-K RS232

The VFD-660 customer display is a Vacuum Fluorescent Display that can display 20 columns and two lines.

The display is suitable for all EPOS applications where the driving of a customer display over RS232 (serial com port) is required.

The design offers a slim display in black with a luminary aluminium pole and a small footprint base to save on counter space.

€125.50 incl VAT

TYSSO PRP300 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer

The Tysso PRP-300 is our best selling 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer.

A high-speed thermal receipt printer designed for 24/7 tasks, especially retail stores and Fast Food applications. With the Low-noise mechanism, the PRP-300 can perform long-time printing and reduce the noise to the minimum. Multi I/O Interface, Easy maintenance and fascinating high-speed performance, PRP-300 is the best choice of high-quality demand solutions

Download Specifications PDF
€229.00 incl VAT


The PRP-250 is the older model before the PRP-300. If you are looking for a Tysso Receipt Printer, go for the PRP-300. This older model is kept in stock for specific requests only, mostly to match similar models in the same outlet.
€229.00 incl VAT