Point of Sale and Inventory (Stock) Management Software

Why should you use Point of Sale Software?

POS software can save you time, increase accuracy and control over what happens in your shop. But most systems involve high prices, complex setup and big training requirements. iLabPOS and Salon iLab are the alternative, easy to use, affordable and effective.

iLabMalta has been implementing iLabPOS as a Point Of Sale Solution in Malta since 2004. It is suitable for various business models in the retail and wholesale sector.

There are various advantages in using POS Software, Automation is one of them. No longer the need to remember all your product prices, and no longer the need to take note of who owes who. Sales, Automatic client discounts, automatic debit and credit control.

Another strong advantage is Reporting. Each sale or transaction is stored with all the detail, giving you information at a click. Proft Reports, Cost of Stock, Client Analysis and Client History, all accessible through an easy to use interface.

Clients who purchased iLabPOS today tell us that they cannot imagine running their business without it!

Point of Sale Software