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Portable Data Collectors

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TYSSO BCP8000 Portable Data Collector / Terminal - USB

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A top of the range, programmable data collector with look-up functions and variable parameter configurations. Comes with a cradle that offers communication and recharge. The BCP8000 can be directly integrated with iLabPOS for Stock Takes, Stock Transfers and Label Printing.

BCP-8000 is a battery-operated portable data collector. Equipped with a high quality laser engine, the ergonomic-built data terminal offers its users with efficiency and comfort, and is ideal for long-time use. Its 1700mAh Lithium-ion battery guarantees at least 24 hours of operation time.

In addition, BCP-8000 provides a user friendly job generator utility, ensuring that the once incomprehensible development process becomes distinct and effortless.

Ergonomic design ideal for long-time operation
High quality laser engine to ensure accurate barcode reading
Ideal for Inventory, Stocktaking
Vivid LCD Display with clear blue backlight
Integrated Recharge/Communication Cradle (USB)
Convenient Job Generator Utility for Task and Data Management
Long-time Battery Capacity (1700 mAh)
Look-up function provides on-site stock checking, updating and editing
Data Loss Prevention through Auxiliary battery for SRAM

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TYSSO BCP 5500 Portable Data Collector - USB

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Stylish, Ergonomic Barcode Scanner

The BCP-5500 is a compact and cost-effective data collector that allows its operator to collect data through barcodes without distance limitation. It is the ideal device for inventory and stocktaking.

By featuring the fast-responding CCD/Laser sensor and the powerful decoder, BCP-5500 is capable of performing data-collecting tasks where time is an important factor. The stylish and easy-to-grip design is a merit for operators especially for long-time operation: Inventory, Warehouse, Stock and Order Picking, and Shipping/Receiving Management.

Stylish & compact design
Two Pre-defined data formats
Vivid and Clear Display.


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