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Barcode Scanners

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The Tysso GS-6500 laser scanner replaces the older model, KS-380. Like the KS-380, it is a very affordable scanner and has now been re-designed to provide a durable solution by combining an auto sensor feature which means products may be scanned automatically while in the stand.

The GS 6500 model is a durable 1D laser barcode scanner which includes a high-sensitivity laser scan engine using 32-bit decoding technology.

The scan speed of 100 scan/sec with depth of Field of 3-50 cm provides a very efficient data input device at the point of service.

Stand not included (EUR 10.50)


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TYSSO KS-380 Handheld Laser Barcode Scanner - USB

The KS-380 series scanners provide the fast-responding Laser scan engines to comply with the diversified demands from users. Long-range scan capability ensures the barcode data is scanned even objects at distant locations.

Outstanding scanning speed and decoding performance, KS-380 scanners are good value for money and ideal for retail outlets, automation, industrial or customer-service applications. Stylish and ergonomic design makes the scanning process easier and more comfortable.

Fast-responding Laser scan engine
Outstanding performance and mobility
Scan Range:3 ~ 56 cm


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Honeywell Voyager Metrologic Laser Barcode Scanner - USB

Download Specifications PDF


The Metrologic Voyager MK9540 Bar Code Reader is our best selling and recommended handheld barcode reader. The industry benchmark for value and performance. Voyager MK9540 Bar Code Reader features a patented automatic infrared activation and decodes all standard 1D bar codes, including RSS codes. It can function both as a handheld scanner and also fixed.

€ 189.00 In Stock
Honeywell Voyager 1202G Wireless Barcode Scanner

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Honeywell’s Voyager™ 1202g hand-held laser barcode scanner incorporates the freedom of Bluetooth® wireless technology and offers a field-replaceable battery that can be quickly and easily exchanged. The 1202g single-line wireless scanner delivers the aggressive linear barcode scanning that users have come to expect from the world-renowned Voyager family of scanners. Read even the poorest quality barcodes with advanced laser scanning technology that only Honeywell can deliver.

Price includes the full kit, and parts can be bought seperately:

Scanner 1202G-2 (EUR 181.00)
Base CCB00-010BT-01N (EUR 149)
USB Cable CBL-500-300-S00 (EUR 29).

€ 359.00 In Stock

Tysso 352 Omni Series hands-free laser barcode scanners have an excellent cost/performance ratio and superb features which include:

Compact design and easy operation
Omni-directional high-speed scan (up to 1650 scan lines/sec)
Depth of Field: 0-219 nm
Interface: USB

€ 296.00 In Stock